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Sunday Lunch

Good honest, simple food from great ingredients.

What better way to end the weekend than a delicious Sunday lunch surrounded by friends and family? Fluffy Yorkshire puddings, mouth-watering roasts and all the trimmings you can think of, or one of our Sunday lunchtime classics.

A British culinary institution, it was once the highlight of the week bringing families together over the dinner table. 

Throughout the UK the revival of the great Sunday lunch will allow family and friends of all ages to savour classic gastronomic delights. Using only the finest, freshest and where possible locally sourced produce, prepared from whole raw ingredients, diners can enjoy traditional soups, prime Scottish beef roasts, and nostalgic puddings including sticky toffee pudding.


Please note: The Ultimate Sunday Lunch is not available at all our outlets and the sample menu may vary. Please check with each outlet for full details.

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