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Macdonald Ambassador for Edinburgh

24 May 2018

When Gareth Drummond began working at Macdonald Holyrood Hotel in Edinburgh over a decade ago he had no idea that he would one day join an elite group of captains of the hospitality industry, solidifying him as an ambassador of not just the hotel, but of Edinburgh and Scotland as well. Today he proudly wears his solid gold crosses on his lapel to signify his membership into the illustrious Les Clef's d'Or (Society of Golden Keys), a tight-knit group of international concierges who are respected for their impeccable recommendations and superior local knowledge. Gareth knows no bounds when it comes to keeping guests happy, "If someone wants tickets for a sold-out show, seats at that special restaurant, taken to a certain place, it's my job to ensure that the guest gets that wish."

The work that he did to earn the "Extra Mile Award" for hospitality deserves to be mentioned here. Several years ago, he received a phone call from a Personal Assistant fraught with distress, her boss had stayed at the hotel the prior night and was now in London, but had a conference in Dubai the next day. The problem was that he had left his passport at the hotel in the safe in his room. After exhausting every option and realising that the passport would not get to its owner in time for the next day's flight, Gareth knew he had to take it upon himself to book a flight to Luton, then a train to King's Cross, to get it delivered to its rightful owner. The Personal Assistant's job was saved, along with the man's flight to Dubai, and Gareth proved, once again, that he was willing to go above and beyond to deliver what his guests want.

"I could write a book with the stories I have gathered over the years, but confidentiality is key. So instead I continue to build relationships with guests, which is for me the most rewarding part of the job." At Macdonald Hotels & Resorts we are so lucky to have Gareth on our team, as one of the 19 concierges in Scotland who are a part of the Society of Golden Keys (and one of only 3,500 in the world). The pride he takes in his position at Macdonald Holyrood Hotel is genuinely commendable and deserving of praise.

"I absolutely love my job for so many reasons. Mainly, I get to meet people from all over the world and make their bucket list trip to Scotland complete." Make sure to say hello on your next stay and get his insider's advice on the best that Edinburgh has to offer.

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