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Wedding Glow

05 December 2019

How to get your skin in top-notch shape before your wedding

Every bride wants perfect, glowing skin for walking down the aisle, and our Elemis spa specialists are here to tell you just how to do so. From when to schedule facials and which products to use, here is our 6 month bridal beauty countdown.


Your wedding is the perfect excuse for some extra pampering. Book in for an ELEMIS facial at one of our spas where one of our therapists will put together a skincare routine for you to get that wedding perfect skin. Make sure to sign up for a course of facials to give your skin a monthly treat.

We recommend you start 30 day skin detox with ELEMIS Cellular recovery capsules which will pull out all those toxins for healthy fresh skin.

No matter your skin type, our skin craves hydration so be sure to start drinking lots or water and hydrating foods such as cucumber, grapefruit and kale.



Shampoo your make up brushes. Often forgotten about, make up brushes are a big cause for acne as they harbour bacteria. Cleaning your brushes is easy, a little bit of shampoo will have get them as good as new in know time.

With your hen weekend booked and lots of excitement building book spa day or break with your bridal party or party as the wedding prep steps up a notch. Relaxation is a key factor to getting healthy looking skin.

Introduce ELEMIS Pro-radiance Cream Cleanser into your skin routine to enjoy optimum radiance for the big day and finish the day with ELEMIS Peptide Night recovery and a twice weekly Plumping Pillow Facial sleep mask for ultimate hydration.



Try another course of ELEMIS Cellular recovery capsules to make sure all toxins and impurities are gone for the month of your big day.

Have an ELEMIS BIOTEC Superfood Radiance renew facial for that healthy bridal glow.

Wear SPF on your lips. It’s not just your skin that needs hydrating, make sure to use SPF on your lips no matter what the weather is. A thick balm will prevent your lips from getting dry and cracked.



Give your skin one last treat with a Superfood radiance facial

Enjoy an ELEMIS Deep Tissue Massage with your partner as some much needed couples time before the big day.

Wedding nails for that super shiny chip free nail colour.

If you are using fake tan make sure to use a scrub to prep your skin for your tan is applied. We recommend the ELEMIS Frangipani salt scrub.



Don’t forget to cleanse as soon as you wake up. If you have time treat your skin to a face mask and don’t forget to pop on an eye mask to debuff, brighten and smooth away any fine lines before your make up is applied.  



All that’s left to do now is enjoy your perfect day and look picture perfect.

If you're looking to plan your bridal prep, book into one of our spas to speak to one of our therapists.